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What is Matcha?

Matcha is made using leaves that are stone milled into a fine green powder. This means that rather than simply infusing the leaves, as is common when preparing most regular green teas, the whole tea leaf is ingested when drinking Matcha – something that helps explain its miraculous health benefits.

When producing Matcha, about 20 days or so before harvest, the sprouting tea bush is shaded using straw covered arched fibre screens to protect the leaves from direct sunlight. After the final stage of growth, freshly picked tea leaves are laid out to dry and later de-stalked and de-veined before being stone milled into the fine bright-green powder we call WowMatcha. Matcha is unique to Japan. It takes almost 1-2 hrs to get 60 gm of matcha powder. We pack matcha in air tight boxes so that it does not loses its flavor and medical properties.

About Wow Matcha

Introducing WowMatcha. As the first dedicated matcha tea company in India, we have truly paved the way for Indians to experience the ancient healing benefits of this powerful elixir from Japan.
Based on our focus, we pride ourselves on being the experts with respect to this metaphysical and profoundly healing form of matcha tea. Coveted for thousands of years by Japanese martial art trainers and the Buddhist monk.

We bring best quality matcha tea from Kyoto, Japan, which is the best matcha producing region in the world . Japanese are very particular about the food standard. Thereby we get our matcha tea approved and certified by JAS(Japanese Agriculture Standard), IQ-net, Quality system and ISO:9001.
We don't make bogus claims of health benefits by providing false imformation like before and after pictures.We tell customers what is available, what works and why it works. We have been one of the very few tea companies to secure an exclusive supply of this rare and elite drink.