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"Ever wonder why Japanese enjoy such a long life expentancy? 127 million Japanese people cannot be wrong"


Premium Grade Matcha Powder
50 gms
Rs. 1799/- Rs. 1299/-


Premium Grade Matcha Powder
100 gms
Rs. 2999/- Rs. 1799/-


Premium Grade Matcha Powder(2+1)
3 units - 3 X 100 gms
Rs. 8999/- Rs. 4499/-


Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder
100 gms
Rs. 3499/- Rs. 2099/-

Health Benefits of Wow Matcha

Amazingly healthy, 100% natural organic matcha tea

Stops fat production

Matcha contains ECGC (Epigallocatechin gallate) which is a potent inhibitor that stops the intestinal absorption of fat compounds which can result in body fat accumulation.

Supresess your apetite

Research have shown that matcha expands to 2-3 of its volume has soon as it reaches stomach taking notch of your stomach space and help you control on your diet.

Burns old and rigid fat cells

The ECGc not only stops fat absorption but also burn old fat cells which is toughest to get rid off, as these fat cells have accumulated over a long period of time.

Matcha as as energizer

Ever felt a need for a matcha boost? A cup of matcha gives energy kick for almost 4-6 hours which is more than coffee and it doesn’t even have jittery affect of coffee also. This happens because of two proteins ‘L-theanine’ and ‘theophylline.’ which combine with caffeine in matcha.

Anti-aging a detoxifier

Matcha has much as 137 times anti oxidants than that of green tea. In fact matcha tea is among the best anti oxidant food products. Even better than spinach, gojo berries, blue berries and carrot. Therby being the best detoxifier.

Packed full of tasty goodness

In his much-watched television chat show, hosted with Cameron Diaz, Dr. Oz said "the tea every women should drink: Matcha”.Since then it has become, with good reason, one of the most popular diet crazes around.

It has 137 times anti oxidant of green tea and 70 times anti oxidant of orange juice. It has also 9 times more beta-carotene of spinach. These anti oxidants helps in burning fat and make your skin look younger.

A 1999 study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that matcha rich in catechins hasthermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation 35-43%, beyond that explained by the tea’s caffeine content.

Wow Matcha is a perfect solution for weight loss and healthy living

You cannot buy happiness but you can buy matcha

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Nisha Singh,

IT professional, Mumbai

I don't like to use weight loss pills , so I switched to matcha it is so natural , that I decided to try them . I love this product ! I don't have any stomach problems , while taking them . My appetite is definitely become smaller , I don't crave carbs and sweets as much as before . In a month I lost 5kg , no more .It has also helped me to give me a healthy skin. I will buy it again for sure. I will also recommend everyone to atleast give one try of WowMatcha
*Results may vary from person to person

Deepak Modi

Businessman, Surat

I began drinking matcha for its cancer fighting, fat burning, and antioxidant properties, and now it has become a huge part of my morning routine. After sipping the intense vegetal qualities of Wow Matcha you will be left feeling calm, yet its slow release of caffeine keeps you focused and energized throughout your day.
*Results may vary from person to person

Kavitha Nair

Housewife, Delhi

As a mother of 3 children, you can imagine I'm quite stressed every day. Combining work life and family time is a hard job. I started having a few kilos too many when I had my first child, but no matter how much diets I'd try, it'd just not change anything. A family friend of ours recommended me WowMatcha - I couldn't believe my own eyes when I started looking into the mirror just a few days after starting. Thanks a lot, you guys are indeed my heroes!
*Results may vary from person to person

Scott Hamlar

Expat, Bangalore

I used to work in USA and was transferred to India last year. Matcha has a huge craze in USA and UK. I used to have matcha every evening when from back to work. It used to take care of my overall health, help me lose weight and kept me energized throughout the day. After shifting to India there was a gap which could not be met due to non-availability of matcha. Thanks to you guys for making matcha available in India. It is the best matcha I ever had.
*Results may vary from person to person

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